Arthur Rizer and Bruce Western

In the United States, national tragedy has a way of shaking up our hidebound institutions and presumptions. When faced with a crisis of nearly unimaginable size, complexity, or inhumanity, we go back to the drawing board and begin crafting plans to move forward.

As we stare down the double-barrel crisis of a pandemic and the ongoing calls for reform in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, the levers of change are beginning to move yet again. What will come of this crucial growth period is yet to be seen, but as the past few months…

Arthur Rizer and Jesse Kelley

After the brutal summer of 2020, relations between police and many of the communities they serve — especially communities of color — have reached an all-time low. Well-intentioned reformers have cast about for proposals which can repair relations and increase police accountability. Most people in the United States support some type of policing reform. But for these reforms to succeed, they need to address a hidden cause of police brutality: union contracts that shield officers from meaningful oversight and accountability. …

Arthur Rizer and Jonathan Haggerty

Last month it was a viral video of a California sheriff’s deputy manhandling an unarmed teenager. Last week it was a more gruesome video that revealed an officer’s abuse of force in Minnesota. This time, the abuse ended a man’s life.

Naturally, riots and protests erupted in Minnesota and across the country. The officer who killed Floyd has been fired. Protesters and advocates would like a judicial finding of guilt, and the overwhelming message has been “this must change.” But how? …

By Arthur Rizer and Jessica Jackson

A self-employed designer concentrates on her work

While large companies and well-endowed institutions like Harvard have inexplicably managed to secure billions in COVID-19 relief assistance under the recently passed CARES Act, America’s small businesses are going under in droves. Many of them will never reopen their doors.

Adding insult to injury, small businesses that are partly owned by people with criminal records have been shut out of the assistance process entirely due to the Small Business Administration’s warped interpretation of the new law’s “Paycheck Protection” program. …

Arthur L Rizer

Arthur Rizer is an Adjunct Professor at Antonin Scalia Law School, GMU.

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